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Discord Banning Guidelines Released

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Discord Banning Guidelines Released

Post by Scag » Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:58 am

[The Outpost] Discord Banning Guidelines for Admins

Several rules on our Discord Server are in coalition with the rules on our game servers. Players are expected to follow each as they would with any server rule. It is up to the punishing admin's discretion determining the type and length of a punishment. A list of the major rules are stated in the #rules channel on the Discord Server.

Given to players that break basic rules of the discord such as: Harassment, Usage of Racial/Homophobic Slurs with the Intent to Offend, Admin Disrespect, etc.

Given to players that Disrespect or Harass others, or Micspam within voice channels only.

Meme Spammer-
Given to players that either spam memes in the #memes channel or players that use memes outside of the channel.

Given to players that continuously spam memes in channels that are not the #memes channel.

Music Ban-
Given to players abusing !restart or queuing "ear-rape" music without the consent of players in the voice channel.

*Lock Roles-
Given to players that either make off-topic comments or just won't shut up in specified channels.

Given to players that either break common rules in severity, are deemed as a troll, or they have received a certain number of punishments which is discussed below.

All punishments given are tracked for each user. Upon receiving one's fifth punishment, a one-week ban will be given. After the sixth, a one-month ban, and after the seventh, a permanent ban.

If a user attempts to leave and rejoin the Discord Server in an attempt to evade their punishment, they will be permanently banned. If a user is found to be using alternate accounts also in order to evade their punishment, their main and alternate accounts will too be permanently banned.