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Banning Guidelines Released

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Banning Guidelines Released

Post by sans » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:18 pm

2-Hour Bans (120 Minutes)

Stalling on Servers Where Dead Players Don't Respawn Until the Round Ends
Friendlying on Hale/FF2
Tauntkilling in Godmode

12-Hour Bans (720 Minutes)

Spamming Nsay
Spamming Name Changes

1-Day Bans (1440 Minutes)

Denying Last Request on Jailbreak
Turning on Friendly Fire Outside of the Intended Use on Jailbreak
Mass Freekilling on Jailbreak With the Intention to Ruin the Game Being Unknown
Idling on Trade and Play
Disobeying an Admin on an Issue Not Listed Here
Freeday Abuse on Jailbreak

1-Day Bans (Prop Hunt) (1440 Minutes)

Doorway Blocking

2-Day Bans (2880 Minutes)

Hindering Another Player's Gameplay
Exploiting Identified Unfair Exploits/Glitches/Easter Eggs
Intentionally Misreporting Admin-Required Issues

1-Week Bans (10080 Minutes)

Mass Freekilling on Jailbreak With the Intention to Ruin the Game Being Obvious
Turning on Friendly Fire With the Intention to Mass Teamkill
Intentionally Mass Teamkilling on Jailbreak
Hosting a raffle/giveaway without permission from an admin. (Officers or higher, with/without buy-ins)

2-Week Bans (20160 Minutes)

Impersonating Another Player
Spycrabbing Without an Admin

1-Month Bans (43200 Minutes)

Making Intentional False Accusations Against Admins to Damage Their Reputation


Using a Proxy Server or VPN qualifies for the same thing.
Harassing/Threatening Admins
Intentionally Crashing the Servers
Abusing Knowledge of a Lack of Admins
Exploiting Rare Occasions of Admins Having No Power
Getting Banned While Having an Obvious Trolling Name
Using a Throw-Away Account Purely to Cause Problems
Working Together With Another User(s) to Intentionally Cause Problems
Threatening to Continually Evade Bans/Blocks or Actually Evading Them
Intentionally Making a Server Unplayable or Any Other Excessive Trolling That Could Run Players Off of a Server

Fourm Manager
Fourm Manager
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Re: Banning Guidelines Released

Post by sans » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:22 pm

Users are to be given a warning in most circumstances before punishing. However, if the user definitely knows the rule that they are breaking from having been given a warning/ban for it at a previous point in time, or just from common sense, then no warning is required.

If a user causes extra difficulty in the process of banning them, such as running, changing names, or using a name consisting purely of junk characters, the time should be increased by one step.

If a user gets banned for an offense that they were previously banned for, the time should be increased by two steps. However, if the user is banned for a third time for the same offense, they are to be deemed permanent troublemakers, with a permanent ban to match. The same rule applies if a user accumulates five total bans. Also, if a user gets banned three times within a span of two weeks, the user will receive a permanent ban. Regardless of whether or not the offenses are the same, having that many bans in that short amount of time is unacceptable.

If a user is caught attempting to evade their ban with an alternate account (by SourceSleuth or otherwise), that ban becomes a wild card that is to be applied to any other bans when calculating if the user has three bans for the same offense. If a user is caught attempting to evade their ban a second time, they are to receive an instant permaban.

Mutes or gags are to be made permanent on their fifth implementation.

Bans/mutes/gags must have reasons added to them. If they do not have clear reasons on SourceBans, they may be considered illegitimate and may possibly be ignored when considering permanent punishment. If you use Nmenu to perform a ban/mute/gag, edit it with an appropriate reason if you have a SourceBans account. If you do not have a SourceBans account, have someone who does edit your ban/mute/gag for you with an appropriate reason.

Users who idle for most of three or more consecutive rounds of a game should be banned for one minute so that we have a record of it. However, repeat offenses should still only result in one-minute bans, and these bans are not to be counted toward other permanent ban rules. If a user accumulates five idling bans, it will then be determined whether or not the idling is too often. If it is deemed too often, the user will be seen as a points/items farmer, and they will receive a permanent ban. Of course, admins should be given leniency on this issue due to the fact that the job can, at any time, distract from playing.

Votebans are not to be counted toward considering permanent bans because, 1: The voteban system has the potential to be abused, 2: Average players should not be allowed the power to establish or add to a ban record, and 3: Votebans don't state reasons for which the voteban system was used.

If a user does something that is not on this list that would seem to be a bannable offense, ask one of the head admins/owners about it.

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Fourm Manager
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Re: Banning Guidelines Released

Post by sans » Thu Oct 19, 2017 9:24 pm

[The Outpost] Mute Guidelines for Admins
These are guidelines for applying mutes and gags on the servers. Please Remember to Give Warnings before applying gags and mutes and ensure the player is aware of you warning. If you feel the player requires a harsher mute or gag, set the time to double of what’s listed here. This also goes saying after said warning and mute, remember to kick and then ban. But this is also situational because in some cases you should ban instead of first applying a kick, usually only the severe ban reasons you ban instead of kick and ban. Use the reasons, as stated below, to be your set muting/gagging reasons to lessen the confusion. Do not put reasons that are invalid or fail to describe the situation. Doing either of those will result in the removal of the mute or gag.

1/2-Hour Gag/Mute (60-120 Minutes)

Ghosting on Hale, Oldtimers, and Jailbreak
Spam Lenny Faces/Chat binds
Conversing Over the Mic When Dead on Jailbreak

6-Hour Gag/Mute (360 Minutes)

Spam Over the Mic
Disrespecting Players

12-Hour Gag/Mute (720 Minutes)

Encouraging Other Users to Break Rules
Disrespecting Admins

1-Day Gag/Mute (1440 Minutes)

Posting Non-Suspicious Porn Websites
Harassing/Threatening Other Players
Making Discriminatory Remarks (Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, etc.) Without the Intent to Offend
Advertising Other Servers on Our Servers
Metaghosting on Hale, Oldtimers, and Jailbreak

2-Day Gag/Mute (2880 Minutes)

Harassing/Threatening Admins
Impersonating an Admin Without Attempting to Use "Authority" (If only via mic/chat)
Ghosting and/or Metaghosting on Prophunt

1-Week Gag/Mute (10080 Minutes)

Making Discriminatory Remarks (Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, etc.) With the Intent to Offend
Impersonating an Admin and Attempting to Use "Authority (If only via mic/chat)
Posting Suspicious/Porn Website links

Permanent Gag/Mute

Speaking in languages other than English

Remember with Mutes:
Players are allowed to play short sound files over the mic of good quality, lasting for around 5–10 seconds. Make sure that players who play said sounds aren’t speaking over players, interfering with game play or break any other server rules (e.g. Racism, Disrespect).